Hatching A Plot

I've moved my postings over to a blog called Hatching A Plot. This blog chronicles our new life in Vermont, where we are continuing to learn to garden, preserve, make charcuterie and homebrew and hopefully get some animals. Below are some recent posts:

Initial thoughts on the Raspberry Pi 2 03/25/15 12:21 PM
Finally getting some eggs 03/09/15 10:26 PM
Trying to grow some lemongrass 02/26/15 6:25 PM
Seed starts 02/04/15 1:59 PM
2014 Year in Review 12/17/14 2:23 PM
State of the garden 07/13/14 7:40 PM
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Over the past few years we've been researching farming, goats, cheese, gardening and livestock. This section is devoted to discussing that process and sharing resources we've found along the way. Now that we've found our land, we hope to start putting more ideas into practice and see what works for us.

If you are interested in similar topics, this section has a lot of great resources and books that we've found along the way in the areas of cheese, goats, poultry, animals, gardening, preserving and brewing.


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Complexion (A Zulu Love) Kendrick Lamar 03/27/15 1:06 PM
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